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Thing That is Hard To Do

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As a high flying marketing executive many of my meals come in the form of overpriced room service in snooty hotel chains. And while I love a good ribeye chicken caesar salad at 10:30PM as much as the next high flying marketing executive, one thing I don’t love is the room service tray. The instruction is always to leave the tray in the hallway when you are finished, which is easier said than done! These trays are designed to be held with 2 hands. Hotel doors are designed to be opened with 1 hand. That’s 3 hands. I don’t have 3 hands. So I end up standing next to the door with the tray balanced on 1 hand, wedged between my hip and the wall as I try to quickly (but not so quickly as to screw my balance up) open the door. Then I have to step into the hallway, sticking my back heel against the door so as to avoid locking myself out of my room. It’s harrowing. Harrowing. Someone should ideate a better way.

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The Trouble with Being Melissa McCarthy

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Melissa McCarthy is a lovely woman. I thought so when she played Lauren Graham’s friend on Gilmore Girls a decade ago. Sure she is heavy but is also still pretty attractive. I thought Gilmore Girls used her well – introducing her as a “lesser friend” to a vivacious Lauren Graham but ultimately revealing her to be a more put together and generally happier person who managed to very quickly evolve into Lorelai’s equal and eventually someone who had her life way more figured out than poor Lorelai.

All this is background to say that I thought Bridesmaids was fucking gross and a terrible inflection point in McCarthy’s career. Sure she is making a ton of money today but she is also now a one trick pony – “hey, I’m fat. That’s funny”.

I mean – it’s true, sometimes…sort of…but it also bums people out if you keep going back to the well every week. As near as I can tell she has several movies coming out this winter/spring which can all be reduced to “Fat Girl is a Cop” or “Fat Girl is a Thief”. I know Hollywood is a mess but is this really all we have left in the holster to offer as entertainment?  This does not mean that Rex Reed is right and that we should make fun of her for being fat but how much of this is she bringing upon herself by making her body the core joke?

Let’s agree that no one should feel sorry for Melissa. Rex Reed is a dbag and desperately drawing attention to himself, begging to be relevant for 20 more minutes. She’s a working actress who figured she could ride this one joke to a series of paydays that could be worth 10s of millions of dollars to her and she needs to ride that train right up until the moment that the rest of America gets sick of their schtick as well.

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Is Everyone Ready?

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New Feature: Facebook Status Photos That Make Me Barf

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When people post photos of themselves doing fun things I’m all for it. Looks like fun! Good for you. I like doing fun things, and you like doing fun things, and that is why we are friends. Hooray!

BUT, when people post pictures of things that don’t look fun, my frown turns totally upside down. My rule in particular, is that if you post a photo of something that you otherwise would not have taken a photo of, you’re on thin ice.

So, here is the first in the series Facebook Status Photos That Make Me Barf. If you’d like to write my comment, in the comments section, I’d be happy to reply to this person’s ’status’ with your suggestion.

MORE after the jump…

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Remember when Garth Brooks retired, and everyone was sad, because Garth Brooks was their God? But then, out of nowhere a hot new act named Chris Gaines totally lit the music scene on fire!?!? He had moppy hair, and an Apolo Anton Ohno patch of bristle. And a big turtleneck sweater.

Well, something similar is happening to The Hose starting on February 15th. A key member of the Hose community is preparing to rise like a Phoenix from the e ashes.

Get ready people. This is gonna be HUGE.

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